LEC Questionnaire
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Please enter your NAME in the space provided: The main reason for asking for your name here is to enable you to identify your personal report from the pile of reports printed out at the end of this group assessment. You can either use your full name OR you may use a pseudonym.
  • Benefits to using your own name: Your counsellor can retrieve your individual report for counselling feedback at any stage after this assessment if you type your full name in the space provided.
  • Benefits to using a pseudonym (e.g. Foxy OR 12345): Complete anonymity i.e. this ensures that your identity remains a secret.

Please enter your STUDENT NUMBER in the space provided:
  • Why? We would like to check on the effectiveness of our work with you, and so ask for your student number here so as to access your academic records at a later stage for research purposes. All information that you provide will be treated as strictly confidential and will be used only for problem-solving and research purposes.
  • Can I choose to leave this blank? Your participation in this research project is voluntary. You may leave it blank if you wish.
  • Who will be able to see my data? The counsellor taking you through the assessment, the counsellor who gives you feedback, and the researcher who collects and analyses the group data. A group report might be provided to your faculty academic staff - under no circumstances will your individual LEC or academic results be revealed to anyone except your counsellor and the researcher attached to the project.
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